Carlo Longobardi, an businessman with over forty years of experience in the tomato preserves sector, founded Fratelli Longobardi, a leading company in the production of canned food, together with his sons Fabio and Fabrizio.

The close collaboration with the growers, through assistance programs and technical consultancy, allow to select the most appropriate tomato varieties for the areas in which they are grown, with a consequent better yield during the transformation phases.


With a view to constant research aimed at improving the quality and safety of its products, Fratelli Longobardi has obtained the uni en iso 9001 certification to which uni en iso 14001 was added in 2004 and brc ukas in 2007. This is to allow a very accurate control of all the process phases and a constant monitoring of the quality, with the relative recordings, in order to guarantee a total traceability of the product, from the cultivation phase, to the reception of all the ingredients and packaging, up to the distribution on the market.


A new production unit was added to the Scafati (SA) plant, based in Calvi (BN) and today the overall processing capacity reaches 1,200 tons of raw material per day.


Fratelli Longobardi is a modern and technologically advanced company, constantly evolving, always carefully following the needs of the markets, without ever abandoning its nature as a traditional company, linked above all to the territory and its products. And it is through the use of innovative production methods that the company is able to guarantee a high level of quality and safety for its products.

Fratelli Longobardi follows the entire production cycle with extreme care, from the choice of raw materials to their transformation using highly technological and cutting-edge systems.


Combining continuous technological innovation and the most authentic Italian gastronomic tradition on a daily basis with the aim of offering the consumer only products of the highest quality.

And it is with commitment and passion that today Fabio and Fabrizio Longobardi, together with all their collaborators, are dedicated to its achievement.

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